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The cenotes that can be found in Yucatan have been considered enigmatic, beautiful and religious both by the Mayan culture and by people today, since they are closely linked to culture and the evolution of civilization.
semi-open Cenotes 
This type of cenotes is well recognized for its characteristic pitcher shape, since they are formed by a small opening in the upper part, its diameter increases in the internal part considerably towards where the water surface is until it reaches the bottom.

Closed Cenotes
They are the youngest cenotes, their shapes are circular and they are closed by a vault, this may or may not have some openings on its surface, which allows sunlight to penetrate in some of them.

Ancient Cenotes
 These cenotes are usually open to the surface, bigger in diameter, looking like lakes with high walls in the middle of the Mayan jungle. Wilderness grows not only around it, it even flourishes in the middle of the water creating small patches that you can explore while swimming. 

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